Tire Repair


The maintenance of your vehicle tires is as essential as the business you do. But usually breakdowns happen when you do not expect them to. Fleet specification is not an exception. In such case each driver requires a good quality truck tire service to keep rolling on the road.

Our skilled mechanics and service technicians possess a large specter of skills in heavy and medium duty truck repair, maintenance and modification. Furthermore, we provide service for trailers and containers repair. Although our priority is mobile truck repair, we also service and inspect trailers, cars, vans, pick-ups, light duty trucks and others.


We are the leaders in providing name brand tires, wheels, auto repair and brake services across Canada. We are very pleased to offer you agricultural tires, commercial tires, construction, and industrial tires. In addition, we offer special wheels and rims compliment any tire or customer vehicle.


Our team works with a large number of different vehicles. Therefore, we provide truck truck tire road service in the following areas:

  • Mobile Truck Tire
  • Semi-Truck Tire
  • Commercial Tire
  • Truck Tire Local


We manage the following truck tire programs:

There are numerous factors that affect the longevity of a truck tire, such as air pressure, valve stem caps, alignment, proper rotations, and tire matching, and we believe that a proper maintenance support will increase your tires life and effectiveness

We will advise you the appropriate tire inflation for the operating load

NTTS stores carry a wide range of Smartway approved tires for Smartway compliancy

Proper alignment is a key to optimal tire performance. This refers to all the axles that are on the road including tractors and trailers

We carry a huge range of fuel efficiency tires. Low rolling resistance tires can save fuel, if fuel efficient tires are appropriate for the application

So, in case you experience a flat tiring or just require service from regular wear and tear, do not hesitate and contact us. Our professional team can perform all truck tire repairs or perform the replacement of your worn tire with a new semi-truck tire directly from our inventory.

Make a call today and NTTS will be the first truck tire service provider to match your expectations.

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So, if you want to minimize your time and solve your truck problem very quickly, please contact us and our dispatchers will get back to you.