Heavy Duty Truck Repair


If you use your truck either for commercial or personal purpose, you know that handling breakdown problems can be rather annoying and exhausting. And if you do not want to waste your time, you can trust your problems to our professional hands. We will get your heavy duty truck working again as fast as you need it. Just contact us and let NTTS do the job instead of you.


When you truck is facing problems, you need to have someone reliable and responsible to turn to. NTTS makes sure the performance of your truck is excellent and every problem you might have is examined, fixed, and controlled. So, with us you are always on the move. Our skilled mechanics will take care of your heavy duty truck promptly and affordably. We are pleased to offer the following services to your needs:

  • Heavy duty truck repairs
  • Equipment repairs
  • Flatbed and towing services

Besides we provide assistance related to three-axle alignment, full line of break and suspension parts, break drums and torque airbags. Our technicians are certified experts who deliver exceptional quality services that vary from prompt roadside assistance to 24 hours emergency towing and to heavy duty truck repairs. Furthermore, in our shop we are supplied with all the equipment and expertise necessary for your heavy truck support and repair.

We take into account you time and the urgency to be back on the road ASAP.


You can also trust NTTS for your Department of Transportation inspections. With a huge experience in this area our team is able to run a thorough inspection to guarantee your car is ready to keep on going.

Our main goal is to meet our customers’ satisfaction by the outstanding work we deliver. And we are proud to perform it on the top level. Contact us today and get your professional heavy truck repair right now!

Do You Want To Solve Your Truck Problem?

So, if you want to minimize your time and solve your truck problem very quickly, please contact us and our dispatchers will get back to you.