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Your car has broken down? You are stuck in the middle of the road? What will you be doing? These mishaps are quite inevitable and you may never know when they occur. Whether it is in the dead of night, or in the middle of nowhere, with NTTS it is not a disaster. With our sophisticated emergency breakdown service you will receive the guarantee of 24/7 access to the required resources so that to resolve your situation promptly, safely, and cost-efficiently.

NTTS supplies 24 hour per day and 365-day per year emergency breakdown services all over Canada. Our experienced dispatchers personally handle customer service calls and follow up to reassure they are back on the road in no more than 3 hours. We are striving to minimize your downtime with passion to deliver the best service and attitude.


There two things which are essential for the transportation industry. Safety for the drivers while being on the road and the customer’s satisfaction with their intermodal needs. We are sure to assist you with excellent quality and a prolific expertise of your vehicle as well as we handle your vehicle maintenance and breakdown needs. Besides, we offer a full set of services for passenger vehicles, such as:

  • Custom fleet maintenance solutions
  • Rural and urban coverage in Canada
  • Skilled and qualified staff for breakdown services
  • Competing prices
  • Passenger vehicle services

So, if you are in need of fast roadside assistance, emergency truck road service from NTTS is what will make you satisfied and bring your vehicle back on the road fast and effectively.

Our roadside services include fixing of the following:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Water pumps
  • Air chambers
  • Air compressors
  • Air hoses
  • Oil or exhaust leaks
  • Fluid and fuel deliver
  • Replacements or adjustments for transmission
  • Replacements or adjustments for clutches
  • Belts
  • Cooling systems
  • Others

– Top-quality service providers and parts (We offer Toll-free access 24/7 to the EBS Control Center as well as access to extensive, up-to-date component data giving a possibility for initial repair analysis. We thoroughly study your specifications.)

– Repair alternatives (towing is arranged if necessary, fast roadside repairs when possible, Closest International Truck and IC bus dealer or nearby service provider is alerted)

– Cost control (stable, guaranteed pricing at all Closest International Truck and IC bus dealer spots, comfortable credit with any Fleet Charge account, audited part numbers and pricing, consolidated bills)

We offer Toll-free access 24/7 to the EBS Control Center as well as access to extensive, up-to-date component data giving a possibility for initial repair analysis. We also thoroughly study your specifications for the best result attainable. We ask only precise questions as for your special case in order to provide you with the most excellent and prompt assistance.

So, if you happened to experience an unlucky situation with you vehicle and need a quick and effective emergency truck repair, please immediately contact our 24 hour Call Center and report about your case. We are determined to help you quickly and cost-effectively.

Our support team will be there within an

1 hour

  • Having done the services as minimum as 1 hour of time upon arrival
  • You can get back to your business with your car on the road without any delays
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