Commercial Towing


Dealerships, commercial fleets, repair facilities and many more have addressed us for commercial towing services since the very start of our company. In case the vehicle becomes faulty or unable to pursue its journey, we are always around the corner to provide detailed and prompt towing services. Having all the necessary equipment we will fix any emergency that you face on the road. Whether your truck is large or small, we are capable to tow it all.

Commercial truck towing services from NTTS are fully licensed, permitted, bonded, and insured. We respond very promptly to your requests and immediately send our qualified mechanics to provide you the necessary assistance and therefore keep you safe. Our safety program ensures both your vehicle and our operators arrive safely to their destination without any incident. Our professional service and competitive pricing make our customers satisfied and content.


Whatever the type of heavy duty towing you require, the commercial truck towing from NTTS can deal with it. We are dedicated to making your towing business successful with exceptional service and the best selection of trucks, wreckers, flat bad carriers and rotators. So, it enables us to do tricky tasks such as picking up airplanes, boats, and larger industrial equipment, as well as restacking shifted loads.

We are equally skilled in working with:

  • semi-trailers
  • box-trucks
  • package cars, or vendors
  • concrete mixers
  • heavy equipment
  • others

In our working practice we have assisted stranded motorists and truck drivers making them possible to quickly and effectively get back on the road. We are available 365 days a year just around the clock. And you should not worry about the time of day or night you make you call, our dispatchers will be there for you asking all the precise questions and providing the needed help whatever your issue is.

So, should you require commercial truck tow service, please our dispatchers and get your vehicle back on the road fast and professionally.

Our support team will be there within an

1 hour

  • Having done the services as minimum as 1 hour of time upon arrival
  • You can get back to your business with your car on the road without any delays
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