Big Truck Repair


When it comes to big truck repair, NTTS is ready to give you its professional hand. Never has the service been as fast and efficient as with us. Our expert repair as well as maintenance service can help extend the longevity of you truck and prevent future breakdowns. Therefore, you will never waste your downtime or money. We are striving to make your truck be on the move at any time. Call us now and get immediate response from our highly qualified technicians!


Proper tire repair is critical to a driver whose business is dependent on his vehicle. If your tires are punctured or injured it may affect their performance to a great extent.

NTTS Breakdown is glad to offer you a number of big truck tire repair services that will help keep your transport in a good condition.

– Tire Maintenance Advice (there are numerous factors that affect the longevity of a truck tire, such as air pressure, valve stem caps, alignment, proper rotations, and tire matching, and we believe that a proper maintenance support will increase your tires life and effectiveness)

– Load and inflation (we will advise you the appropriate tire inflation for the operating load)

– Smart Way Information (NTTS stores carry a wide range of Smartway approved tires for Smartway compliancy)

– Alignment information (proper alignment is a key to optimal tire performance. This refers to all the axles that are on the road including tractors and trailers)

– Fuel efficiency information (we carry a huge range of fuel efficiency tires. Low rolling resistance tires can save fuel, if fuel efficient tires are appropriate for the application)

We also offer you 24 hours roadside assistance, which is very important while being on the road carrying your load. So, whenever you need a tire service, minor engine repair, brake repair, steel welding service, and more, NTTS team is pleased to satisfy every single request.

We are confident in our professionals and in the work we do. If you are interested in affordable, professional, and hassle-free service, contact us today and get your truck fixed immediately!

Looking for Big Truck Repair Service?

So, if you want to minimize your time and solve your truck problem very quickly, please contact us and our dispatchers will get back to you.